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News letter

This time last year I had one Client and no staff. I made 4 visits a day 24/7. I couldn’t have a day off because there was no one else to do it, but I persisted. I even missed our family holiday but I didn’t want to let that Client and their family down.

We have grown over 100% since then. We have tripled our size over the last 3 months due to our good reputation which is purely down to the dedicated and hardworking staff.

Has it been hard? Of course it has. Does it look like it will get any easier? I don’t think it will, because of high demand for care service and just not enough people who want to do the job.

If I could go back in time, would I do it again? Definitely without a doubt.

We have shed tears for our clients. The amount of times we walk in on them sitting in the dark crying their heart out because they are so lonely. The tears we shared with our clients because they are missing their beloved husband, wife or family member.

We have some happy times too. The pure happiness we see in our clients faces when we surprise them on their birthdays, with cakes, flowers and extra company because no one else remembered.

The trip outs that we offer to our Clients to break up the monotonous day to day living, on exactly the same chair looking out the window waiting for someone to come.

I’m glad I’ve started this company and with the help of my amazing team, we are able to make a difference. It is an absolute pleasure to serve our local community.

Eva Porter