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News letter

This time last year we had one client and two carers, we now stand at 22 Clients and 17 Carers – plus our 2 drivers and 1 cleaner! So, we can also now offer a cleaning service – where and if required. The drivers are working hard, and a great asset to the company, without them we simply could not manage.

Whilst we have grown over the last 12 months, our standard of care has also improved. (We think!). We have experienced Carers with a wealth of experience between them. Not only do we care for elderly clients, we now also care for those who are ill or have disabilities.

We are also spreading our wings across Warwickshire – with Clients now in Leamington Spa, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. We have also started a 24hour care package, this is something that we would like to expand further, and there are plans in the pipeline to open a small day centre.

Whilst we have said “goodbye” to several Clients, for various reasons (illness, moving away …..) we have warmly welcomed our new Clients. The Care Team are dedicated and hard working, many going out of their way to provide extra help when needed (shopping trips, hospital visits, appointments etc)

The carers continue their training, obtaining certificates in medicine handling, management, manual handling, CPR, Team leading – to name but a few.

Merry Christmas to you all

Eva Porter

"Hi Eva - My mum is here she’s been to see <***> who is delighted with everything you and your staff are doing for <***> and herself even though she doesn’t show it!"

"Dear Eva - My mum commented on how clean the house looks and also how much better <***> and <***> look in themselves, this is down to you and your team we are so grateful of the first class care they are receiving..."