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Hartley Locums services are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that Clients needs are met. Full training and on-going staff training are in place to ensure safety and quality standards are met for the benefits of our Client and for the safety of our Staff to deliver care services. Clients and their Next of Kin are asked to complete a satisfaction survey to assist us to ensure we are meeting the standards of care and to highlight if there are any areas for improvement.


Hartley Locums will provide Clients local advocacy and other relevant services available to them which will be in their personalised contract of service.


Hartley Locums take safeguarding seriously and will supply Clients with a copy of the Company's Safeguarding Policy.


Hartley Locums has Public Liability insurance in place with Towergate Insurance (a copy of which is available upon request).


Hartley Locums is a care agency run by qualified nurses, using trained carers, with the aim of providing the highest standard of care to our Clients (over 18 years of age) who wish to live in their own homes but need some support to promote independence.

A) Personal Care

Hartley Locums have experience in providing services to persons in the following groups:

  • 1 Frail and vulnerable adults;
  • 2 People with dementia;
  • 3 Physical disabilities;
  • 4 Sensory impairment;
  • 5 Illness (including end of life care);
  • 6 Adults who are recovering from illness.

Hartley Locums can offer a range of home care services, tailored to meet client individual needs to include:

B) Basic Tasks

  • 1 Personal care;
  • 2 Preparing light snacks and meals;
  • 3 General help (shopping, housework & laundry);
  • 4 Sitting services;
  • 5 Continence care;
  • 6.Supporting Clients with activities of daily living.

C) Specialist Tasks

From time to time care workers may be asked to undertake some tasks, which may be considered to be specialist. These tasks may be undertaken following appropriate risk assessments and only after specific training. The care worker will be trained in the procedure before undertaking the tasks with the Client with care needs by a trainer with a relevant qualification, e.g. occupational therapist, speech therapist or nurse.

Such tasks may include:

  • 1 Assisting with artificial feeding;
  • 2 Changing sterile dressings;
  • 3 Catheter care - changing bags and monitoring output;
  • 4 Assistance with eye or ear drops;
  • 5 Ileostomy and colostomy care - changing of bags.

Care workers will not undertake tasks that require the skills and expertise of clinical professionals. Such tasks include:

  • 1 Toe nail cutting;
  • 2 Ear syringing;
  • 3 Removing or replacing urinary catheters;
  • 4 Bowel evacuations;
  • 5 Bladder washouts;
  • 6 Injections - involving assembling syringes, administering intravenously, controlled drugs;
  • 7 Filling of oxygen cylinders;
  • 8 Lifting from the floor unaided;
  • 9 Tracheotomy care - changing tubes.


  • Eva Porter
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  • Southam
  • Warwickshire
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  • 07731728303

Qualifications & Experience

Eva Porter has been a qualified nurse since 2012. She has been working as a nurse focusing on elderly and dementia care. Eva has also worked in Warwick Hospital in their ITU Department and recently has been working as an Agency Nurse working in acute wards like A & E, AMU, Cardiology and Stroke.


Hartley Locums places an importance on being able to provide the highest standard of care being delivered safely thereby it is imperative that we employ staff that are fit for the job and have appropriate training, skills and experience to ensure Clients needs and wellbeing are met. Staff have to go through a face to face interview, reference checks, a full CRB check, and mandatory training before commencing employment for which they will be supernumerary working with senior carers or nurses. Yearly appraisals will be handled by the senior management team to ensure Staff are meeting the high standards set by Hartley Locums.


Should there be a shortfall in care and you would like to make a complaint, please address all complaints to Eva Porter, Managing Director -